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I’m looking for a temperature probe that can last in salt water. We’ve lost a few units over the last few years, trying to get a continuous temperature measurement from a saltwater/harbour swimming facility.

We highly recommend the STT-26 Submersible Temperature Transmitter, specifically designed for applications like yours. Manufactured with a Marine bronze housing, the STT-26 provides a robust construction that ensures a prolonged lifespan, even in saltwater conditions. Its superior resistance to corrosion and the unique submersible design makes it ideal for continuous and reliable temperature measurement.

Key features of the STT-26 include:

  1. Marine Bronze Construction: Offers enhanced resistance to saltwater corrosion.
  2. High Accuracy: Provides precise temperature measurements tailored for marine applications.
  3. Submersible Design: Designed to function effectively underwater, making it suitable for your swimming facility.
  4. Longevity: Proven track record of outlasting other temperature probes in similar conditions.

You can find more detailed information, including technical specifications and ordering details, on the STT-26 website page here: STT-26 Submersible Temperature Transmitter.