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What is the fastest frequency the DMP 320 measure pressure changes?

The “DMP 320 fast response pressure transmitter” boasts an impressive internal digital signal conditioning system that enables it to achieve prompt and precise pressure measurements. With a remarkable sample rate of 10kHz, it captures accurate pressure readings, while its advanced electronics further enhance the data quality by applying efficient filtering and averaging techniques.

This results in obtaining a clean sensor signal, which allows for a remarkable 0.5 millisecond or 2kHz frequency response when reading the pressure.

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Need something quicker? You could always consider a passive, un-amplified sensor like the TPT pressure transducer. This produces a millivolt output signal, operates from 3-30V dc power and the output signal is typically in the range of 2.5mV/V as a 4-wire connection (2 for power, 2 for signal). Review the Knowledge hub page for this to see how fast the sensor can respond to pressure changes: