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Do you have a wall-mounted Indicator that I can power from a 12V dc battery?

Yes, the SRP-N118 wall-mounted digital indicator is engineered to function optimally on a 12V DC power source. This compatibility extends its application scope to diverse environments, notably mobile ones such as marine vehicles (boats and yachts), road vehicles (vans and lorries), as well as agricultural equipment. The device’s primary role is to present vital measurement data visibly to operators or drivers, thereby facilitating informed decision-making, which in turn promotes operation safety and efficiency.


In addition, the SRP-N118 is equipped with two onboard relays that can serve as alarm set points or be utilized to manage external switching, thus offering comprehensive control over a process. The inclusion of an RS485 Modbus as standard further enhances its capabilities, enabling seamless integration into existing communications infrastructures. This feature ensures that the SRP-N118 digital indicator can fit comfortably into complex systems without the need for substantial reconfiguration or modification.

SRP-N118 wall mounted digital indicator