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I have a hydraulic application for 650 bar range but your Titan TPTa has 600 bar maximum range, do you have an alternative product?

TPTa Pressure Transmitter #

The calibration range of theĀ Titan TPTa Pressure Transmitter extends up to 700 bar as a custom range, provided that the application does not necessitate overpressure protection exceeding 750 bar. Our approach involves utilizing a 600 bar ceramic sensor capsule and calibrating it within its over-pressure range. This calibration method effectively addresses static and thermal errors while fulfilling the required measurement range.

DMP 336 Pressure Transmitter #

If your application is prone to experiencing sudden increases in pressure or consistently operates above 600 bar, we recommend utilizing the DMP 336. This device employs stainless steel diaphragm technology, offering superior resistance to overpressure and bursting. The DMP 336 can be calibrated up to 1000 bar, and it is specifically engineered to endure high levels of overpressure, pressure spikes, and pressure pulsations.