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Pressure Measurement

View our range of pressure measurement products for a wide variety of applications including pressure switches, pressure transducers, transmitters, ceramic sensors, and pressure gauges.

Pressure Gauges:

Shows the measured pressure on a display for continuous monitoring with many application options including battery operation and hygienic pressure gauges.

Pressure Switches:

Available in mechanical or electrical form with a switch opening or closing when a pre-set pressure is reached.

Pressure Sensors:

Used by manufacturers of machines and equipment to integrate pressure sensing. They are generally well suited for aggressive applications such as acids.

Pressure Data Loggers:

A selection of pressure data loggers, battery powered or connected to a power supply for a range of pressures from 50mbar through to 5000 Bar is possible.

Pressure Transducers:

Used in control and monitoring applications to measure pressure which is converted into an electrical signal.

Pressure Transmitters:

A more advanced pressure transducer that amplifies the signal which can then be transmitted to a remote receiver.

Pressure Calibration:

A selection of pressure hand pumps, reference gauges, and advanced DPC pressure controllers for all your onsite calibration requirements.

Wireless Pressure Transmitters:

A selection of wireless pressure transmitters and receivers to be used on your cable replacement installations.

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