Stork Solutions
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About Us

Welcome to our Company: A Leading UK Manufacturer

We take immense pride in our role as a prominent UK manufacturer specializing in the production of pressure, temperature, and level sensors, transducers, and transmitters. Situated in the heart of Aldermaston, UK, our state-of-the-art facility boasts an in-house design team proficient in both mechanical and electronic engineering, utilizing cutting-edge 3D CAD software and 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping.

Equipped with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, our facility houses automated pressure test controllers, environmental chambers, and a range of quality control instruments. These advanced tools and processes ensure the production of high-quality products in both small and large quantities, all while maintaining a consistently superior standard.

In addition to our core manufacturing operations, we have forged strategic partnerships with renowned industry manufacturers throughout Europe. These collaborations enable us to expand our product range and enhance our overall capabilities, offering you a comprehensive selection of top-tier solutions.

At our core, we are driven by a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every product leaving our facility meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. With our dedication to innovation, manufacturing expertise, and collaborative approach, we strive to be your trusted partner in fulfilling your sensor and transmitter needs.

Choose our company as your reliable manufacturing partner and experience the exceptional quality and unwavering professionalism that sets us apart in the industry.

Our Solutions

  • A full array of sensing technologies including pressure, temperature, level, air quality, water quality
  • Clean room monitors
  • Data logging and BMS integrated data acquisition
  • Water management solutions
  • Full PID control control systems
  • Power management systems
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Waste management alarm systems
  • Remote site tank monitoring
  • Marine tank monitoring systems

Our Distribution Partners

We are proud to be partnered with some of the world’s leading suppliers in their field to complete our full portfolio of products and offer a comprehensive range of sensor and instrumentation solutions:

If you want to partner with Stork Solutions Ltd, please get in touch with us.