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Can the submersible vented cable on level sensors be cut down once installed?


Submersible vented cables are essential components of submersible level transmitters, designed to measure liquid levels in various applications such as wells, tanks, and other submerged environments. These cables are engineered to be cut down to the required length after installation, ensuring versatility and precision in diverse setups.

Key Features

– Customizable Length: The cable can be cut to the desired length once installed, allowing for a tailored fit in any application.

– Vent Tube: Contains a built-in vent tube that equalizes pressure within the sensor, ensuring accurate level readings.

– Vent Filter: Equipped with a vent filter that prevents moisture from entering the vent tube, maintaining the integrity of the pressure measurements.

Installation Instructions

1. Determine Length: Measure the required length of the cable for your specific application.

2. Remove Vent Filter: Carefully pull off the vent filter from the end of the vent tube. This is a crucial step to prevent damage to the vent tube during the cutting process.

3. Cut the Cable: Using appropriate tools, cut the cable to the desired length.

4. Reattach Vent Filter: After cutting the cable, push the vent filter back onto the vent tube. Ensure it is securely in place to prevent moisture from entering the vent tube.

Important Considerations

– Moisture Prevention: Always ensure the vent filter is properly reattached after cutting the cable. This prevents moisture from entering the vent tube, which could compromise the accuracy of the level transmitter.

– Handling: Handle the vent tube and filter with care to avoid damage. The vent tube is a critical component for accurate pressure equalization.


Submersible vented cables are widely used in:

– Water Wells

– Sewage Systems

– Chemical Tanks

– Reservoirs

– River, canal & streams

– Harbour, estuary sea level

These cables are integral to ensuring reliable and precise level measurements in environments where submersion is necessary.

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