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Do the BAROLI range of digital pressure gauges come with a calibration certificate?

Calibration options for the BAROLI digital pressure gauges #

The BAROLI digital pressure gauges are available in the following formats:

  • BAROLI 05 – 0.2% Class digital battery powered pressure gauge
  • BAROLI 05P – 0.2% Class digital battery powered pressure gauge with flush diaphragm
  • BAROLI 02 – 0.1% Class digital battery powered pressure gauge
  • BAROLI 02P – 0.1% Class digital battery powered pressure gauge with flush diaphragm

We offer a diverse range of options for presenting the data and calibration of these pressure gauges. The choice that best suits your needs will depend on the specific requirements of your application and the quality system within your business.

Every single BAROLI device undergoes a rigorous calibration cycle, and the resulting data is recorded in our internal quality system before shipping. This ensures the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability are achieved

Factory Calibration Data #

Should you need the calibration data, we can provide it in Excel (.xlsx) format via email once the order has been shipped. To request this complimentary service, please make your request clear at the time of placing the order. There is no charge for this option.

Factory Calibration Certificate #

Based on the factory calibration data, we are able to create a printed certificate, as well as a PDF file that can be sent via email. Please note that this service incurs an additional charge. To include it in your order, kindly consult with our office to ensure it’s added according to your needs.

UKAS Accredited Calibration Certificate #

Once calibration is finalized in our factory, you might need an external validation to confirm the accuracy and specifications of the device. In this regard, we’ve partnered with several UKAS-accredited local calibration companies. They are well-equipped to carry out the necessary calibration, generate a certificate, and we will include it with your order. For a detailed quotation on this option, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales office.