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BAROLI 02 P Battery Powered Digital Pressure Gauge

Introducing the BAROLI 02P Battery-Powered Digital Pressure Gauge, an advanced solution tailored for demanding applications. This cutting-edge gauge offers accurate pressure readings with its flush welded stainless steel sensor, ensuring optimal hygiene, easy cleaning, and sterilisation. The rotatable display housing allows for effortless reading, even in challenging mounting positions. Key features include convenient portability with battery power, local value display, FDA-approved food-compatible oil filling, and various additional functions such as unit switching, min/max value display, offset calibration, end-point calibration, and automatic switching-off configuration. Get precise measurements with the BAROLI 02P, your ultimate pressure monitoring solution.

  • Range: from 100 mbar up to 40 bar
  • Main Features: 2-line LC display, 4.5-digit 7-segment display, 6-digit 14-segment additional display, offset and end point calibration. rotatable housing

Product Highlights

The BAROLI02P Pressure Gauge is a versatile and reliable instrument designed for measuring pressure. It offers a wide range of nominal pressure options, starting from 0 … 100 mbar up to 0 … 40 bar. One of its special characteristics is the rotatable housing, allowing for flexible installation and easy readability from different angles. The gauge features a 2-line LC display with a 4.5-digit 7-segment display and a 6-digit 14-segment additional display, ensuring clear and precise readings. The hygienic process connections make it suitable for applications in various industries. It also includes several useful functions such as a min/max function with a reset function, offset and end point calibration, pressure unit setting, and configuration of the switch-off automatic feature. With its robust design and comprehensive features, the BAROLI02P Pressure Gauge is a reliable and convenient tool for accurate pressure measurements in diverse settings.


  • Food industry
  • Pharmacy

To download the latest datasheet click here: BAROLI 02 P

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