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I need to measure the level and temperature of a reservoir in a remote location with no power on site

ECHO-IoT Remote monitoring gateway #

The process to tackle this application relies on the functionality of the ECHO-IoT Remote Monitoring Gateway. This sophisticated device conveniently accommodates inputs from a maximum of 128 wireless transmitters, 4 analogue 4-20mA or 0-10V signals, and as many as 8 digital inputs.

This system requires a power source ranging from 12-36V DC. Thus, we also provide a solar panel, a battery charge controller, and a suitable battery to facilitate the installation process.

To measure specific parameters like level and temperature, we use a submersible level and temperature transmitter such as the LMP 307T. This instrument comes with two 4-20mA outputs – one for level measurement and another for temperature measurement.

The ECHO-IoT gateway can be programmed to record these measurements at an interval of one second, for example, and then broadcast this information every quarter of an hour to conserve power.

This collected data is then sent to the Dashboard, where it can be viewed, analyzed, and compiled into reports.

Furthermore, the system’s built-in 4 relays can be employed to initiate crucial application events. These events can also trigger email notifications to alert users about situations requiring their attention.

LMP 307T Submersible Level and Temperature transmitter with dual, 4-20mA outputs #