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Do you have a pressure sensor suitable for chlorinated and salt water swimming pools?

Yes, we offer a specialised version of our TPTa Titan Pressure Transmitter that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of chlorinated and saltwater swimming pools. This version features a housing made from PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride), which provides excellent resistance to the corrosive effects of chlorine and saltwater environments. The elastomer seal utilized in this transmitter is FFKM (Chemraz), ensuring optimal sealing properties and long-term durability in contact with these aggressive chemicals. Additionally, the sensing element of the transmitter is made of Ceramic (Al2O3), which further enhances its resistance to chemical degradation.

Our chlorine- and saltwater-resistant pressure sensor is available with two threaded connection options: G1/4″ male or 1/4″ NPT. It can accommodate pressure ranges up to 50 bar, making it suitable for various pool applications. By employing this combination of robust materials, we can guarantee that the performance of the sensor remains unaffected by the harsh chemicals present in swimming pool environments. Furthermore, the materials used in the sensor ensure long-term durability and prevent any degradation caused by continuous exposure to chlorinated and saltwater media.