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How do you change the name of the USB sensors connected to the data logging software?

When using multiple UPS-HSR USB sensors connected to the intuitive data logging software, you may want to change the connected sensors’ names so that they are easy to identify in the application. 

You can do this by simply clicking the ‘Manage’ button in the sensor section on the top left of the screen.

UPS-HSR Manage sensors button

The connected sensors will appear in the list. You can click on the ‘Name’ column and enter the desired name:

UPS-HSR Name change
NOTE: If you encounter an issue with the name not saving when you close the application, you can try two things: 
If you don’t get an error message when you close the application, you can simply delete the settings.xml file from the installation folder. This will effectively reset the Software and allow new data to be saved. The file can be located in the location where you originally installed the software, usually ‘C:/ProgramData/’.

If you encounter an error upon closing the application with a message of ‘Could not save the application settings, Access to the path C:/ProgramData/Settings.xml is denied,’ click OK and restart the application as an administrator. This will then save the Settings.xml file upon closing the program and any new settings you have submitted.

As always, please feel free to contact technical support if you have any issues you would like to resolve with the team. Contact Us.