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Adjusting the calibration date on the UPS-HSR

You can verify the calibration of the UPS-HSR USB pressure transmitter using your own calibrated equipment or a third party equipment, if the sensor is within the specified limits, you can proceed to update the calibration date via the software. However, should any adjustments to the parameters be necessary, the units must be sent back to the factory to perform a “re-calibration” which includes adjustment to the setpoints and thermal behaviour of the sensor.

Access the calibration date via the software: #

  • When the software is on the screen and the sensor is successfully connected, click on the “Calibration” button on the right hand of the screen:
UPS-HSR Calibration Screen
  • Next, click in the centre of the screen and you will be prompted with the following dialogue box:
UPS-HSR password popup screen
  • Enter the password exactly as it is written here: E51-U5bSen50R
    This will unlock the calibration date field and enable the date to be inserted.
    After altering the date, ensure that you “write” to the EEPROM by clicking on the “write” button:


Should alterations be needed to the calibration parameters, the unit will need to be returned to the factory for a full factory recalibration.


Please contact  to obtain an “RID” number and return the sensor to:



Stork Solutions Ltd

6 Fortuna Court, Calleva Park


Berkshire, RG7 8UB

United Kingdom



Please ensure you clearly mention the RID number on the paperwork supplied with the return.

To download a copy of these instructions, please use the link here: