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Do you supply a low cost level indication solution for rainwater harvesting tanks

Yes, we offer an affordable solution for level indication in rainwater harvesting tanks. Our solution includes the SRP-N118 wall mounted digital indicator and the 18.605G low-cost submersible level transmitter. 

To set it up, you can easily power the SRP-N118 using either a 24V DC power source or mains power. This will subsequently power the connected 18.605G level sensor. The level sensor accurately measures the pressure generated by the liquid level above it and converts it into a 4-20mA / 2-wire signal.

The SRP-N118 indicator offers flexibility in displaying the level information. It can be scaled to show the level in a range of 0-100%, or in centimeters, inches, or meters. Alternatively, if you prefer to view the volume of the tank on the display, you can utilize the 21-point linearization function. By inputting the tank’s shape into the SRP-N118, it will calculate and display the volume based on the linearized readings.

With our solution, you can have a reliable and cost-effective level indication system for your rainwater harvesting tanks.