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Where can I download the software for the DM01 digital pressure data logger? Do you have a setup guide?

The DM01 digital pressure data logger has built-in storage for recorded data, which can be easily downloaded using the USB interface cable and the BD DAQ free software. The interface utilizes the widely-used FTDI com port drivers, which should automatically install when connected to a PC or laptop. In case the drivers do not self-install, you can access the DM01 software and the FTDI drivers through the provided links for download:

You can also see a walkthrough of the software on Youtube by following this link:

You can also find the product manual which has a walkthrough of the product menu which is useful here: DM01 Pressure data logger product manual

DM 01 Battery Powered Precision Digital Gauge -2
DM01 Battery Powered Precision Digital Gauge