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What is the wiring designation for the SLS-D submersible level transmitter with SDi-12?

Wiring the SLS-D #

Connect the cable wires to your interface device and apply the power (6-36V dc, Current Consumption
Typical 1.1mA @ 12V dc).

Things to note #

  • The vent filter can be removed for installation through a cable gland for example, please ensure
    the vent filter is replaced once installed and that no moisture is allowed in the vent tube during removal.
  • The strain relief wire can be used to support the transmitter and cable, this is only usually required for cable lengths over 50m.
  • Cut or tie back any wires if not used in the installation.
SLSD Digital Submersible Level Transmitter

Cabling & Earthing #

  • Avoid installing sensitive instrument cable adjacent to any high power cabling (ie pumps or motors). Please ensure adequate segregation as this will avoid any interference that could disrupt the proper operation of the level transmitter.
  • The level transmitter cable screen must be connected to a suitable local clean earth to ensure adequate screening of the sensitive SDI-12 signal. This protects the instrument from ambient electrical noise and is required for full compliance with the instrument’s EMC specification.
  • An additional transmitter case/housing connection is provided called ” EARTH” . This can also be connected to the local clean installation earth, however this connection must only be connected if the user is sure that no ground earth loop can be formed.
  • If the fluid is conductive it is recommended that this connection is not made, as an earth loop can impair the performance of the instrument and possibly promote corrosion in certain environments.
SLS-D SDi-12 wiring information

You can download a copy of the manual by clicking here, this provides comprehensive installation instructions and details on the communications protocol for the SLS-D Submersible level transmitter with SDi-12 interface.