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SLS-D Digital submersible level transmitter – SDI-12

Explore the SLS Series Submersible Level Transmitters, perfect for environmental monitoring and flood defence. These robust stainless steel transmitters use an isolated diaphragm silicon piezo-resistive sensor for high accuracy. Designed for continuous operation in depths up to 100m, they feature analogue to SDI-12 digital conversion via the eco-friendly SDI-12 version 1.4 protocol, delivering serial level and temperature data. The advanced SDI-12 communications software supports sensor calibration, density correction, and connects up to 9 sensors for efficient data logging and diagnostics. An onboard 16-bit microprocessor guarantees accuracy and stability. Additionally, the USB interface (USB-SDI12-PRO) simplifies configuration and data logging for up to 10x SDI-12 devices. Choose the SLS Series for reliable performance in demanding situations.

SLS-D Level Transmitter Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: Level ranges from 1 mWG up to 100 mWG.
  • Output Signal: Fully verified SDI-12 Version 1.4 compliant, low power consumption.
  • Accuracy: Options include <±0.15%, <±0.10%, <±0.06%.
  • Electrical Connections: High integrity overmolded cable assembly.
  • Process Connections: Designed for various environmental monitoring applications.
  • Media Compatibility: Constructed with 316 Stainless steel for durability.
  • Special Features: Level and Temperature output as standard features.

SLS-D Digital Level Transmitter Product Highlights

The SLSD Level Transmitter is a highly reliable and versatile device designed for measuring liquid levels, offering a wide range from 1mWG to 100mWG. Its precision is outstanding, boasting accuracy levels of <±0.15%, <±0.10%, and <±0.06% for different configurations. The transmitter’s sturdy construction with 316 stainless steel ensures durability and suitability for various environments. Moreover, the device features a high-integrity over-moulded cable assembly, contributing to its robustness and reliability in challenging conditions. It complies with the fully verified SDi-12 Version 1.4 standard, meeting industry requirements and ensuring seamless integration with other systems. The SLSD Level Transmitter is also designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring low power consumption, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the device provides both level and temperature output as standard, making it a comprehensive solution for accurate and efficient liquid-level monitoring applications.

SLS-D Submersible Level Transmitter Applications

  • Environmental monitoring
  • V-notch weir flow measurement
  • Rivers, reservoirs and boreholes
  • Laboratory & research testing
  • Telemetry and data logging
  • Flood defence monitoring and research
  • Academic research

What is a Level Sensor?

Level sensors are instruments that tracks and reports how much liquid or granular substance is within a container. By monitoring quantity changes, level sensors allow automation systems to adjust inputs or outputs as needed. These sensors provide key data for control and monitoring in many industries.


What are Submersible Level Transmitters?

To precisely gauge liquid levels in tanks, wells and reservoirs, submersible level transmitters are the perfect solution. Engineered to operate whilst fully immersed, these sensors take readings from inside the container. Their waterproof build allows them to be lowered directly into the liquid being measured. Submersible Level Transmitters are ideal for obtaining reliable and accurate level measurements from challenging process environments. By eliminating distance between the sensor and media they can capture even minor level changes. Submersible level transmitters provide critical data for managing liquids in storage and process vessels in a broad spectrum of applications.

To download the latest SLS-D Digital submersible level transmitter datasheet click here: SLS-D
To download the latest manual click here: SLS-D
Click here to download the Stork DCT Software suitable for this Submersible Level Transmitter: Stork DCT Software

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