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I need to switch on a pump when a borehole fills on a landfill site, the media is leachate and quite aggressive.

Landfill Leachate Monitoring: Ensuring Environmental Safety #

We provide comprehensive solutions for landfill leachate monitoring. Leachate, the liquid formed when water interacts with waste materials, requires careful management to prevent environmental contamination. We understand the critical importance of accurately measuring leachate levels in boreholes and run-off storage tanks within landfill sites, especially in the UK where, in the majority of sites, hazardous area equipment installation, such as ATEX approval, is mandatory.


For such applications, we offer two standard options that meet the stringent requirements of landfill environments:


Option 1: LMK 307 Submersible Level Transmitter #

The LMK 307 submersible level transmitter is highly recommended for landfills necessitating ATEX-approved equipment. Designed with a sensitive pressure diaphragm made from chemically inert ceramic, it ensures optimal performance and longevity. Housed in a robust 316Ti stainless steel casing, this transmitter guarantees reliability even in harsh conditions. Moreover, its PVC cable perfectly aligns with the pipes and linings commonly used in landfill applications, simplifying installation and integration.

LMK 307 Stainless Steel Probe
LMK307 Stainless Steel Probe
Option 2: LMK 809 Submersible Level Transmitter #

In instances where landfill sites are particularly aggressive, we suggest employing the LMK 809 submersible level transmitter. This model features a PVDF housing, FFKM seals, and FEP cable, making it highly resistant to harsh chemical environments. The high-grade capacitive ceramic sensor integrated into the LMK 809 ensures accurate and precise leachate level measurements. However, please note that due to its plastic construction, this model does not offer ATEX approval. It is crucial to determine if the site is classified as a hazardous area before considering the LMK 809 for leachate monitoring in storage tanks.

LMK809 Plastic Probe for Aggressive Media

At Stork Solutions, we are committed to providing reliable, industry-leading solutions for landfill leachate monitoring. Our products are designed to deliver accurate measurements and withstand the challenges posed by aggressive landfill environments. Contact us with your application challenges!