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For the DMP 320 fast response pressure transmitter, what supply voltage can it be used with?

The DMP 320 Fast Response Pressure Transmitter offers two distinct output types, each with the same supply voltage. Please refer to the specifications below:
  1. 0.1 … 10 V: This output type requires a supply voltage (VS) ranging from 14 to 30 VDC. It operates on a 3-wire connection.

  2. 4 … 20 mA: For this output type, the supply voltage (VS) should also fall within the range of 14 to 30 VDC. It also employs a 3-wire connection.
When wiring the DMP 320, please ensure the appropriate connections are made in accordance with the chosen output type. See below for an example:


3-wire voltage or current output wiring diagram