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How can I monitor the temperature of oil running through a pipe that is placed on the sea bed?

To monitor the temperature of oil running through a pipe placed on the seabed, the SSTT Subsea Temperature Transmitter from our product line is your optimal solution. Here’s a closer look at why this product stands out:


Product Highlights #

Performance & Versatility: Offering calibrated temperature ranges and an impressive accuracy of <±0.5°C or even <±0.25°C, the SSTT ensures exceptional performance and flexibility in underwater temperature measurements.

High Durability: The transmitter’s high corrosion resistance and choice of wetted materials make it well-suited for demanding subsea environments.

Dependable Connections: Featuring wet-mateable electrical connectors with depth ratings up to 4000m, the SSTT guarantees secure and dependable connections at significant depths.

Customizable Design: With a variety of mechanical connections and an optional protruding probe in different lengths, the SSTT can be tailored to diverse subsea setups and specialized applications.

Submersible Capability: Its high external pressure rating design allows the transmitter to be submerged up to 3000m without compromising its functionality, and it can be mounted directly to submerged pipework.

Applications #

The SSTT Subsea Temperature Transmitter is ideal for various underwater applications, including:

  • Oil and gas drilling and exploration
  • Deep sea remote or unmanned vehicles
  • Subsea equipment
  • Submarine installations
  • Deep sea dredging suction pipes & pumps
  • Subsea Pods

Summary #

Overall, the SSTT Subsea Temperature Transmitter emerges as a robust, versatile, and adaptable solution for precise and accurate underwater temperature monitoring. For more detailed information, specifications, and to make a purchase, please visit our product page here: SSTT Subsea Temperature Transmitter