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ME 501 Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Our pressure sensors are engineered for accuracy and durability, featuring a ceramic base plate and flush diaphragm. Using the piezoresistive principle, these sensors deliver precise readings. The Wheatstone bridge is screen-printed on the inward-facing ceramic diaphragm, with the other side exposed directly to the measured medium. The Al2O3 ceramic’s robust chemical resistance ensures no extra protection is required against harsh substances. Enhanced with laser-adjustable PTC resistors for thermal compensation and high linearity, the ME 501 sensors effectively reduce hysteresis effects, ensuring consistent performance across all measurements.

ME 501 Pressure Sensor Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: 0.5 bar to 800 bar in various specified ranges.
  • Accuracy: Varies per range, with typical/max. values specified.
  • Electrical Connections: Multiple options including pre-tinned soldering pads and pins.
  • Process Connections: Flush diaphragm, absolute, gauge, or sealed gauge types.
  • Media Compatibility: Operating temperature -40°C to +135°C.
  • Special Features: Piezoresistive technology, Ceramic Al2O3 diaphragm, various sensitivity adjustments.


Product Highlights

The ME501 Pressure Sensor is a versatile and reliable device designed to measure pressure accurately across a wide range of applications. It offers various pressure options, covering a Pressure Range fso (bar) from 0.5 to 50 and a Pressure Range fso (psi) from 7 to 720. This allows users to select the most suitable range for their specific needs. The sensor supports multiple Pressure Types, including Absolute, Gauge, and Sealed Gauge, catering to diverse pressure measurement requirements. Utilising Piezoresistive Technology, the ME501 ensures precise and consistent readings. Its compact design, with a 18.00mm Diameter, allows for easy integration and flush mount installation. The sensor provides a Differential mV/V Signal Output, ensuring reliable data transmission. Moreover, it complies with industry regulations such as REACH, RoHS, and Conflict Minerals, demonstrating its commitment to environmental and ethical standards. The ME501 Pressure Sensor is a dependable choice for accurate pressure measurements in various industrial applications.


  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Absolute measurement available
  • Thermally compensated
  • Extended customisation
  • Extended choice of measuring ranges

To download the latest datasheet click here: ME501

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