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STH-42 Up-Down Hour Meter Self Powered with 7 Years Battery Lifetime

Introducing the STH-42 Series Hourmeter: A sleek, self-powered LCD hour meter perfect for tight spaces. This compact device, fitting into a DIN 48 x 24 mm panel, operates on a replaceable lithium battery with a 7-year lifespan, avoiding the need for external power. It features a 7-digit display with 8 mm figures, remote reset, and supports various input signals like dry contact and voltage, ensuring precise time tracking. Designed with IP54 protection and a terminal block connector, the STH-42 offers reliability and easy installation.

STH 42 Hour Meter Product Parameters

  • Output Signal: Max. count speed 30 Hz, input impedance 300 kΩ
  • Accuracy: 1 count per 1/10 hour
  • Electrical Connections: M3 terminal screwMedia Compatibility: IP54 protection class for panel surface
  • Special Features: Replaceable 3.6V 1/2AA lithium battery, 7 years

Product Highlights

The STH42 series is a compact and self-powered LCD hour meter designed for installations with limited space. With a panel size of DIN 48 x 24 mm, it offers a convenient solution for various applications. This hour meter operates on a replaceable lithium battery, ensuring a reliable power source that lasts for approximately 7 years without the need for external power. The STH42 series features 7 digits with 8 mm height figures and remote reset functionality. It accepts various input signals, including dry contact, open collector, voltage, and wide range voltage, with an impressive maximum resolution of 1 count per 1/10 hour. Offering front panel protection rated at IP54, it is well-protected against dust and water ingress. Additionally, the wiring connection is made simple through the terminal block connector, ensuring a secure and dependable connection.


  • Up-down hour meter
  • Self-powered (lithium battery)
  • 7 years battery lifetime
  • Input: dry contact / OC / voltage
  • Remote reset
  • Small panel size DIN 48 x 24 mm

To download the latest datasheet click here: STH 42

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