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DCT 531 i Precision Pressure Transmitter with RS485 Modbus RTU

Introducing the DCT531i Digital Pressure Logger, the ultimate solution for precise pressure measurement in a wide range of applications. With its exceptional accuracy and outstanding temperature behaviour, this device is perfect for demanding tasks such as test benches and leakage tests. The integrated RS485 interface, based on the reliable MODBUS RTU protocol, ensures robust data transmission even over long distances. By directly coupling the DCT531i to a master device like an SPS, you eliminate the conversion losses associated with analogue input cards. Choose from various mechanical and electrical connections to seamlessly integrate the DCT531i into any application with ease. Experience unmatched performance and reliability with the DCT531i Digital Pressure Logger.

  • Range: from 100 mbar up to 400 bar
  • Outputs: RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Main Features: pressure port G 1/2″ flush up to max. 40 bar, pressure sensor welded, transfer of pressure and temperature value

Product Highlights

The DCT531i Pressure Transmitter is a versatile and reliable instrument designed for accurate pressure measurement in a wide range of applications. It covers a nominal pressure range from 0 … 100 mbar up to 0 … 400 bar, providing precise and consistent readings. The transmitter utilises an RS485 output signal with Modbus RTU protocol, ensuring seamless communication and integration into various systems. One of its standout features is the ability to transfer both pressure and temperature values, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and analysis. Additionally, the DCT531i exhibits perfect thermal behaviour, ensuring accurate measurements even in fluctuating temperatures. With excellent long-term stability, this transmitter offers reliable performance over extended periods of operation. It also includes a reset function for convenient recalibration when necessary. The DCT531i Pressure Transmitter offers optional versions such as a G 1/2″ flush pressure port for applications up to 40 bar, a pressure sensor that is welded for added durability, and the availability of customer-specific versions to meet specific requirements. Overall, this transmitter combines precision, durability, and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for various industrial and commercial applications.


  • Plant and machine engineering
  • Energy industry 

To download the latest datasheet click here: DCT 531 i

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