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ME 800 Piezoresistive Ceramic Differential Pressure Sensor with Flush Diaphragm

Introducing ME 800 Differential Pressure Sensors: Experience precision and reliability with our advanced ceramic-based sensors. Crafted with a flush diaphragm, these sensors follow the piezoresistive principle, ensuring accurate readings. The Wheatstone bridge, screen printed on the flush ceramic diaphragm, is protected by a special coating, enabling direct exposure to water or liquid media. Thanks to the remarkable chemical resistance of Al2O3 ceramic, the opposite side of the sensor requires no additional protection. Enhancing accuracy, our sensors offer an optional screen-printed PTC for temperature drift measurement, allowing compensation for Wheatstone bridge temperature drift. Trust ME 800 for unrivaled performance in differential pressure measurement.

Product Highlights

The ME800 Pressure Sensor is a highly versatile and reliable device designed for precise pressure measurements. It boasts an extensive pressure range, with options varying from 4 to 40 bar (58 to 580 psi). The sensor operates on a differential pressure type, making it suitable for various applications. Utilising advanced piezoresistive technology, it ensures accurate and consistent readings. Its compact design features an 18.00 mm diameter, facilitating easy integration into systems. The ME800 is built with a flush mount, a monolithic structure, ensuring a streamlined appearance and enhanced durability. The sensor’s output signal is in the form of a differential mV/V signal, enabling seamless integration with monitoring and control systems. Whether used in industrial processes or scientific applications, the ME800 Pressure Sensor delivers optimal performance and dependable results.


  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Fast temperature measurement
  • Simple and reliable structure
  • Analogue output
To download the latest datasheet click here: ME800

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