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18 .600 G OEM Pressure Transmitter Pneumatics

Explore the 18.600 G, a sophisticated solution for compressed air networks and mechanical engineering. This device features a high-performance silicon sensor without media isolation, ensuring accurate, reliable measurements in tough environments. Offering 0.5% FSO accuracy in line with IEC 60770 standards, the 18.600 G provides a range of nominal pressures from 0 … 100 mbar to 0 … 6 bar, catering to diverse needs. Experience its exceptional performance and adaptability for your specific applications.

18.600 G Pressure Transmitter Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: Gauge -1 … 0 to 6 bar; Overpressure up to 20 bar.
  • Output Signal: Standard 2-wire: 4 … 20 mA; 3-wire options available.
  • Accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5% FSO; Tolerance band ≤ ± 1% to ≤ ± 0.75% FSO.
  • Electrical Connections: Short-circuit protection; Reverse polarity protection.
  • Process Connections: Stainless steel 1.4301 (304) port and housing.
  • Media Compatibility: Suitable for pressurised air and non-aggressive gases.
  • Special Features: Vibration and shock-resistant, response time ≤ 10 msec, long operational life.

Product Highlights

The 18.600G Pressure Transmitter is a cutting-edge device designed for precise pressure measurement. Featuring a silicon sensor without media isolation, it ensures accurate readings without compromising on performance. With a remarkable accuracy of 0.5% Full-Scale Output (FSO) as per IEC 60770 standards, this transmitter guarantees reliable and consistent results. Its nominal pressure ranges from 0 to 100 mbar, all the way up to 0 to 6 bar, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s low-pressure or high-pressure environments, the 18.600G Pressure Transmitter delivers unparalleled accuracy and versatility.


  • Compressed air network
  • General mechanical engineering

To download the latest datasheet click here: 18 .600 G

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