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LMK 807 Plastic Level Transmitter for Aggressive Media

LMK 807 Plastic Submersible Probe: Accurate, continuous level measurement in polluted and aggressive environments. Features a durable, flush-mounted ceramic sensor for easy cleaning of solid deposits. Offers a choice of cable and elastomer materials for media compatibility. Ideal for precise measurements and productivity in harsh conditions.

LMK 807 Plastic Probe Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: Suitable for highly polluted and aggressive environments
  • Output Signal: Ensures accurate and uninterrupted level measurement
  • Accuracy: Flush-mounted ceramic sensor for precise measurements
  • Electrical Connections: Offers a range of cable materials for optimal compatibility
  • Process Connections: Easy cleaning, solid deposits slide off effortlessly
  • Media Compatibility: Range of elastomer materials available for various media
  • Special Features: Designed for durability and efficiency in harsh conditions

Product Highlights

The LMK807 Level Transmitter is a versatile and reliable device designed to measure pressure in a wide range of applications. It offers a nominal pressure range from 0 to 4 mH2O up to 0 to 100 mH2O, providing accurate readings for various fluid levels. The transmitter’s output signal operates on a 2-wire system, producing a continuous current ranging from 4 to 20 mA. However, it can also be customised to accommodate other output signal requirements upon request. With its compact diameter of 35 mm, the LMK807 is a space-efficient solution that doesn’t compromise on performance. It boasts excellent long-term stability, ensuring consistent and precise measurements over extended periods. Moreover, the transmitter is user-friendly, making it easy to install and operate. For added flexibility, the LMK807 offers optional versions, including SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level) compliance according to IEC 61508/IEC 61511 standards, allowing it to meet specific safety requirements. It also provides various options for cables and elastomers to suit different environmental conditions. Furthermore, the LMK807 can be tailored to customer-specific needs, accommodating special pressure ranges and meeting unique application demands.


  • Sewage
    • Wastewater treatment
    • Water recycling
    • Dumpsite
  • Aggressive Media
    • Level measurement in most of acids and lyes

To download the latest datasheet click here: LMK 807

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