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LMP 808 Separable Plastic Level Transmitter

Introducing our innovative Separable Plastic Probe for precise level measurement in various liquids. This versatile probe is specially designed for water, sewage, and even fuels and oils. At its core lies a high-performance piezoresistive stainless steel sensor, ensuring accurate readings every time.

Our engineering team has prioritised convenience and efficiency with a unique feature: the probe head can be easily detached from the cable assembly using a connector. This enables hassle-free stock-keeping and effortless maintenance, as the probe head can be swiftly replaced when needed. Experience superior functionality and simplified upkeep with our Separable Plastic Probe.

  • Range: from 1 mH2O up to 100 mH2O
  • Outputs: 4 … 20 mA/ 0 … 20 mA/ 0 … 10 V
  • Main Features: SIL2, integrated lightning protection and increased overvoltage protection

Product Highlights

The LMP808 Level Transmitter offers precise measurement capabilities with a nominal pressure range spanning from 0 to 1 mH2O up to 0 to 100 mH2O. It provides reliable output signals through its 2-wire configuration with a range of 4 to 20 mA, or its 3-wire setup with options of 0 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V, and can accommodate other signal requests as well. Notably, this transmitter boasts several special characteristics, including a compact diameter of 35 mm, a detachable cable assembly and sensor head, exceptional linearity, and minimal thermal effects. It also incorporates integrated lightning protection and increased overvoltage protection, featuring an 8 kA gas discharge tube (8/20 µsec) and 4 kV surge l-l/l-e according to EN61000-4-5. Additionally, the LMP808 Level Transmitter offers optional versions such as SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level) compliance according to IEC 61508/61511, as well as various cable types and elastomers to suit different application requirements.


  • Water/ filtrated sewage
    • Groundwater level measurement
    • Rain spillway basins
    • Drinking water systems
    • Water treatment plants
  • Fuel and Oil
    • Fuel storage
    • Tank farms
    • Biogas plants
    • Process water recycling

To download the latest datasheet click here: LMP 808

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