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DMP 457 Pressure Transmitter for Shipbuilding and Offshore

Introducing the DMP 457 Pressure Transmitter, designed to thrive in harsh conditions commonly found in shipbuilding and offshore applications. This robust transmitter is suitable for use with both gaseous and liquid media, ensuring compatibility with stainless steel 1.4404 (316L).

Powered by a piezoresistive stainless steel sensor, the DMP 457 offers exceptional accuracy and long-term stability. To ensure its suitability for shipbuilding and offshore applications, this transmitter has successfully undergone rigorous testing to obtain approvals from esteemed certification bodies such as Lloyd’s Register (LR), Det Norske Veritas ▪ Germanischer Lloyd (DNV▪GL), and China Classification Society (CCS).

Invest in the DMP 457 Pressure Transmitter for reliable performance and peace of mind in challenging environments.

  • Range: from 100 mbar up to 600 bar
  • Outputs: 4 … 20 mA
  • Main Features: IS-Version Ex ia, flush pressure port G 1/2″ from 100 mbar

Product Highlights

The DMP457 Pressure Transmitter offers a wide range of capabilities and features, making it a reliable choice for various applications. With a nominal pressure range that spans from 0 to 100 mbar up to 0 to 600 bar, it can effectively measure and transmit pressure data. The transmitter provides a 2-wire output signal of 4 to 20 mA, and other output signal options are available upon request. One of its notable characteristics is its compliance with several prestigious certifications, including the LR-certificate from Lloyd’s Register, DNV-approval from Det Norske Veritas, ABS-certificate from the American Bureau of Shipping, and CCS-certificate from the China Classification Society. Additionally, it features a flush pressure port with a G 1/2″ connection starting from 100 mbar, enabling accurate measurements. The DMP457 also exhibits excellent thermal behaviour, ensuring reliable performance across varying temperatures. For specific requirements, optional versions are available, such as the IS-version Ex ia, which is intrinsically safe for gases and dusts, and a version with a welded pressure port, adding further versatility to the transmitter’s functionality.


  • Diesel engines
  • Compressors, pumps
  • Boiler
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
  • Fuel and oil

To download the latest datasheet click here: DMP 457

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