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SLE-73 Economical Pulse Counter with Prescaler and Digital Filter

Introducing the SLE-73 Meters: Your Solution for Progressive Impulse Counting

Designed exclusively for applications requiring accurate impulse counting, the SLE-73 meters offer unparalleled functionality. Equipped with two entry ports, these meters provide seamless counting and a programmable function for resetting the meter to zero, stopping, or changing its direction of travel.

With a built-in entry port divisor featuring a programmable value range of 1 to 9999, and an adjustable decimal point, converting incoming impulses into the desired units has never been easier. Configuration is a breeze with the local keyboard or our user-friendly S-Config software, accessible via the RS-485 communication port.

Experience precision and efficiency with the SLE-73 meters. Simplify your counting needs today.

Product Highlights

The SLE73 Indicator is a specialised meter designed for applications that require a gradual accumulation of impulses. With its dual entry ports, one for counting and another for programmable functions, the meter offers versatile functionality. Users can use the programmable function to reset the meter to zero, stop its operation, or even change its counting direction as needed. The built-in entry port divisor, which can be programmed with a value ranging from 1 to 9999, combined with an adjustable decimal point, allows for a straightforward conversion of incoming impulses into the desired units. Configuration of the counter can be easily done using the local keyboard or the user-friendly S-Config software, which is available free of charge. Furthermore, the meter supports RS-485 communication, enabling convenient connectivity for remote programming and control. The SLE73 Indicator provides a reliable and flexible solution for applications that require precise impulse counting.


  • Economical pulse counter
  • 1 pulse counting input
  • 1 programmable function input
  • Power supply output 24V DC
  • Prescaler and digital filter
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Free configuration software S-Config

To download the latest datasheet click here: SLE 73

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