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CMC-141 Multicon Multi Channel Data Logger & Controller

What is the CMC-141 Multicon device?

The CMC-141 Multicon is a next generation of indicator, controller, data logger, scada, HMI and PLC all rolled into one device… seriously!

The compact CMC-141 device starts off with a multichannel, graphical touchscreen display.  By adding power, communication, input and output cards elevates the CMC-141 to become whatever you require it to be in your application.

Using Linux firmware, makes the operation and configuration very comfortable to use and more importantly, intuitive. The display is clean, readable and an attractive presentation of the data.

Input and Output Cards

By selecting from the 27x different input and output cards the device has the potential of having a massive 72x inputs! Easily managed and displayed using a ‘group’ methodology, 15x ‘groups’ are available to display 6x ‘logical channels’ per group.


Output types and PID control functions

Incorporating the solid state relay, active relay or analogue signal output cards opens up a whole host of control, alarming and full PD, PI or PID control with the added features of autotune and fuzzy logic.  There are 8x useable PID control options within every device as standard, meaning you can replace 8 separate PID controllers within a process plant with this single device!

CMC Cards

Profiles and timers

Within the software are in-built timing profiles which are freely programmable. This allows complete freedom to create and run profiles to start a process at a given time and date or start based on specific events for a set period of time. By incorporating looping, profiles and timers gives the user complete flexibility to completely control their process from beginning to end with one simple device.


Maths functions

As standard the CMC Multicon has a vast array of options for maths functions including arithmetic and trigonometric functions such as addition, multiplication, sine, raising to a power.  It also has logical calculations such as comparing to a constant, comparing the measured values or multiplexing which makes developing the more advanced applications a lot easier to apply.


Data logging enabled

By purchasing the unique one-time purchase license key enables the data logging function within the device.  You can data log 1 up to 60 channels from as fast as 0.1 second (10Hz) data logging rate through to any time period you require.

With the 1.5GB internal memory means you can have 125 million data points before the memory will fill up… in this rare event you have the USB port which you can simply insert a flash drive and download the data ready to import into the DAQ manager software.


Modbus Enabled

Every device is RS485 Modbus enabled as standard, if you chose the communications module this increases the number of available Modbus ports so you can define it as a Master and Slave device also, very useful if you need to employ multi level communication with slave sensors and instrumentation, master plcs, BMS and scada systems.

By using the RJ45 Ethernet connectivity on the communications module you can also connect via Modbus TCP/IP.  This also opens up the networking capability.  By simply giving the CMC an IP address on your network means you can access the inbuilt web server to view realtime measurements in HTML5 using any web browser connected to the same network. Simply open the web browser, type in the IP address of the device and you will have access.


Email Notifications

When your device is connected to a network and you have purchased the one-time notifications license key, you can access the emailing alerts functionality.  By creating alarms and triggers you can send up to 30 different messages to any recipient email address which can include data from relevant channels or groups and a .csv file with the data presented.  Configuration is simple. just requires smtp details of your mail client to be entered into the CMC setup, define the messages and where to send and away you go, never miss an alert or critical alarm again.


DAQ Manager Software

The DAQ manager software is extremely easy to use, auto synchronises with the insertion of a USB flash drive, has the option of setting a download schedule using a conventional calendar with time and date and regularity options.

Once the data is imported either by the USB key or the automatic importing via the ethernet connection, you can freely view and analyse it using a start / finish time and date calendar or click and drag scroll bar to define the period of time you are interested in.  The data is then presented in both tabular and graphical format and from there you can decide if you want to export it to a spreadsheet or print off a PDF graph.  The printing of the table and graph to PDF can be personalised to incorporate your company logo and text areas such as quality management information, batch control or calibration certificate features.

You can also create simple java applets that can be used in HTML web pages to display data in realtime in the format you require and on any website you wish to display it.


Need a SCADA system?

No problem, the SCADA license key will enable you to create visually stunning representations of your process, factory, object of observation of which you can then simply place monitors in the relevant places to display the readings relevant at that point. This is particularly useful if the display is used to indicate the monitoring or situation in a realtime process or production environment that operators can act upon.


Power Supply and connected sensor supply

The CMC-141 Multicon can be driven by either a main power 85-260V AC/DC or a lower voltage 19-50V DC, 16-35V AC.  In turn the CMC-99 will then power the connected sensors (up to 200mA current consumption), this makes wiring of external devices a breeze!


Take a look at our setup video for the CMC Multicon

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