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Triton Series Data logger

Triton Series Data Loggers Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: Internal/External, 1 bar to 400 bar (max. 40 bar for internal).
  • Output Signal: Digital input, any pulse rate up to 400 pulses per second.
  • Electrical Connections: 0/4-20mA, 0.5 to 4.5V, 0-5 / 0-10V inputs available.
  • Process Connections: Supports various input types including current, voltage, and digital pulse.
  • Media Compatibility: Operating temp. -20°C to +70°C, -5°F to +160°F.
  • Special Features: Variety of Triton Series types, IrDA communication, IP68 waterproof, multiple data logging options.


The Triton Series of data loggers are designed to cover a multitude of data logging applications with a minimal selection of products. All use the same solid foundation and architecture in the data logging structure but with variations on their capability means we have a data logger for every application.


Triton Series Data loggers


With options of pressure and/or flow sensors either internally fitted or externally connected using MIL C Spec connectors means the sensor ranges and capabilities are limitless.

With user-selectable data logging regimes and various logging, frequencies mean the battery life is greater than 5 years when used at 15-minute intervals with the additional ability to store data as instantaneous, minimum, maximum and average measurements based on the sampling rate selected.

Measurements down to 1 second are possible from the standard logger or 1khz for the transient-specific logger. The logger stores data in non-volatile flash memory organised into data files. The memory will retain data for 10 years if the battery fails.

Software for the Triton data loggers

Measurement accuracy is optimised using multi-point calibration. Logged data can be re-calibrated before, during or after the recording by simply re-calibrating the sensor to the logger.

Downloading of data is via a fast non-contact IrDA communications link (115,200 baud). The logger software can also be upgraded in the field via the IrDA communications link.

IrDA Infra red interface for the triton data logger

The Triton range of data loggers is completely waterproof and fully submersible to 10m depth.

Applications Include:

  • Pressure/PRV monitoring
  • Critical point monitoring
  • Zone pressure monitoring
  • Monitor weirs, reservoirs, borehole depth
  • Leakage flow-monitoring
  • Step testing
  • Hydraulic network analysis
  • Pressure surge detection
  • Rainfall monitoring
  • Pump ON/OFF times
  • Minimum night flow analysis
Download the Triton Series Data logger Brochure: Triton Series Data logger
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