USB-SDI12-PRO - USB powered SDI-12 interface

We are happy to present the "USB-SDI12-PRO" which is predominantly used for the SLS-D range of SDI-12 submersible level transmitters which also powers the sensor from the USB port and enables communication the Stork DCT SDI-12 "Device Configuration Tool". This software means you can connect up to 10 x SDI-12 devices to your PC for configuration and data logging purposes which is ideal when you have set up a site and want to test functionality before you turn on and rely on your battery or solar-powered solution.

The Stork DCT Software has the following features:
  • Ability to turn density correction on/off which further improves the overall system accuracy of your measurements
  • Auto Zero or Zero adjust, ideal for installations where you need to adjust for Local Datum or Ordnance Datum (maOD Newlyn, Cornwall)
  • Define the pressure/level and temperature units the device outputs
  • Adjust the filter settings and sample rates
  • Data log the connected sensors (up to 10 at one time) to the PC/Laptop
  • For the more experienced user there is a 'Calibration Mode' which can be used to perform annual calibrations on the device
The Stork DCT comes free when you purchase the 'USB-SDI12-PRO' USB interface or you can easily download it from the website here: Download the Stork DCT

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