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DS 300 Electronic Pressure Switch

Introducing the DS 300 Electronic Pressure Switch: Seamlessly exchange data and control processes in mechanical and plant engineering. Features an IO-Link interface for easy data sharing, user-friendly menu system, and flexible display for clear visibility. Perfect for integration with various thread types. Experience optimal performance and convenience with the DS 300.

DS 300 Electronic Pressure Switch Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: 0 … 100 mbar up to 0 … 600 bar
  • Output Signal: Digital output via IO-Link (V 1.1 Smart sensor profile) and 2 contacts
  • Accuracy: High precision
  • Electrical Connections: IO-Link for data transfer
  • Process Connections: Various mechanical connections
  • Media Compatibility: Versatile
  • Special Features: LED display, rotatable and configurable display, parameter settings via IO-Link or menu (VDMA-conform)
  • Optional versions: Custom mechanical connections available

Product Highlights

The DS300 Pressure Switch is a versatile and reliable pressure sensing device designed to meet various application requirements. It offers a wide range of nominal pressure options, ranging from 0 to 100 mbar up to 0 to 600 bar, ensuring compatibility with different pressure ranges. Equipped with a digital output signal using IO-Link technology, it follows the specifications of V 1.1 Smart sensor profile for seamless integration into industrial systems. With a data transfer rate of 38.4 kBaud, it enables fast and efficient communication. The pressure switch features two contacts for convenient switching operations and also provides an optional analogue output, allowing for compatibility with different control systems using either a 4-20 mA or 0-10 V signal. The DS300 stands out with its special characteristics, including an easy-to-read 4-digit LED display for indicating measured values. The display module is rotatable and configurable, providing flexibility in installation and viewing angles. Parameter settings can be adjusted either via IO-Link or the menu, ensuring VDMA conformity. Moreover, the DS300 Pressure Switch offers optional versions with different mechanical connections and the possibility of customisation to meet specific customer requirements, further enhancing its adaptability and usability.


  • Plant and machine engineering
    • Machine tools
    • Pneumatic plants
    • Hydraulic plants

To download the latest datasheet click here: DS 300

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