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DCT 553 P Industrial Pressure Transmitter with IO-Link Interface

Introducing the DCT 553 P Pressure Transmitter: the ideal solution for the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as applications demanding a dead space-free process connection. Our in-house developed capacitive ceramic pressure sensor serves as the foundation, boasting exceptional surface quality and high overload resistance.

Our innovative design ensures the prevention of condensation build-up within the pressure transmitter, safeguarding against failures caused by significant temperature fluctuations.

Experience enhanced productivity with the integrated, standardised IO-Link interface, empowering operators with efficient service and maintenance capabilities. Join countless satisfied customers who rely on the DCT 553 P for accurate and reliable pressure measurements.

  • Range: from 40 mbar up to 20 bar
  • Outputs: IO-Link according to specification V 1.1, data transfer rate 38.4 kbit/sec
  • Main Features: high purity ceramic 99.9 % AI2O3 diaphragm, high overpressure capability, hygienic version

Product Highlights

The DCT553P Pressure Transmitter offers reliable and accurate pressure measurement across a wide range of applications. With a nominal pressure range starting from 0 … 40 mbar up to 0 … 20 bar, it ensures precise readings in various pressure conditions. The transmitter features an IO-Link output signal, complying with specification V 1.1, allowing for efficient and fast data transfer at a rate of 38.4 kbit/sec. Equipped with a smart sensor profile, it enhances the overall performance and functionality. The transmitter stands out with its hygienic version, making it suitable for applications in sensitive environments. Its high-purity ceramic diaphragm, composed of 99.9% AI2O3, ensures excellent durability and reliability. Additionally, it boasts a high overpressure capability, enabling it to withstand demanding pressure conditions. The transmitter offers optional versions with different process connections, providing flexibility and compatibility with various systems. With an ingress protection rating of IP 67 / IP 69, it offers reliable operation even in harsh environments. Overall, the DCT553P Pressure Transmitter combines accuracy, versatility, and robustness, making it an ideal choice for pressure measurement needs.


  • Food industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

To download the latest datasheet click here: DCT 553 P

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