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DCL 531 Stainless Steel Probe with RS485 Modbus RTU

Introducing the DCL 531 Stainless Steel Probe with RS485 Interface, a cutting-edge product designed for industrial applications. This innovative probe utilises the renowned Modbus RTU communication protocol, an open standard widely adopted in industrial communication. With its master-slave architecture, the DCL 531 enables seamless interaction between up to 247 slave devices and a master unit, ensuring efficient data transfer in binary format. At its core lies a top-of-the-line stainless steel sensor, meticulously crafted to meet stringent precision requirements and exhibit exceptional long-term stability. Experience superior measurement accuracy and reliability with the DCL 531 Stainless Steel Probe.

  • Range: from 1 mH2O up to 250 mH2O
  • Outputs: RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Main Features: pressure value, diameter 26.5 mm, small thermal effect, reset function

Product Highlights

The DCL531 Pressure Transmitter is a highly versatile and reliable device designed to measure nominal pressures ranging from 0 … 1 mH2O up to 0 … 250 mH2O. It features an RS485 output signal with Modbus RTU protocol, allowing for easy integration into various systems. With its compact diameter of 26.5 mm, the transmitter can fit into tight spaces without compromising performance. It boasts a small thermal effect, ensuring accurate readings even in fluctuating temperatures. The DCL531 offers excellent accuracy and good long-term stability, making it a dependable choice for critical applications. Additionally, it comes with a reset function for convenient recalibration. Optional versions of the transmitter include a drinking water certificate according to DVGW and KTW standards, as well as different cable and elastomer options to suit specific requirements.


  • Water/ Filtrated sewage
    • Drinking water system
    • Groundwater level measurement
    • Rain spillway basin
    • Pump and booster stations
    • Level measurement in container
    • Water treatment plans
    • Water recycling
  • Fuel and Oil
    • Fuel storage
    • Tank farm

To download the latest datasheet click here: DCL 531

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