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SRS-U4 USB/ RS-485 Converter Module with Signalling LEDs

Introducing the SRS-U4 Converter: Your Solution for USB-to-RS-485 Connectivity

Unlock seamless communication between USB and RS-485 devices with the cutting-edge SRS-U4 converter. Specifically designed to link a USB host with RS-485-equipped slave devices, this versatile converter allows your PC, armed with our specialised software, to function as the host. With complete galvanic isolation, the SRS-U4 ensures optimal protection between the USB and RS-485 circuits. Supporting both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 standards, this compact unit harmoniously integrates with any RS-485 interface device. Its primary purpose lies in bridging PC host computers with industrial data acquisition and visualisation systems based on RS-485 interface. Optionally, the SRS-U4 can be manufactured with a DIN mounting adaptor for added convenience. Elevate your connectivity game today.

Product Highlights

The SRSU4 USB/RS-485 converter is specifically designed to establish a connection between a master device, featuring a built-in USB host controller, and the RS-485 network. By utilising a PC computer and suitable communication software, the SRSU4 enables the master function. With full galvanic isolation (optoisolation) between the USB port and RS-485 line, this module ensures enhanced safety and protection. This USB interface converter adheres to the USB 2.0 standard while maintaining compatibility with USB 1.1 and USB 3.0. It seamlessly integrates with any RS-485 equipped device utilising the Modbus RTU protocol, and it is particularly recommended for Simex devices. Additionally, the SRSU4 can be conveniently manufactured with a DIN rail mounting adaptor, offering flexible installation options. With its robust features and compatibility, the SRSU4 USB/RS-485 converter provides a reliable solution for seamless communication between USB-enabled master devices and RS-485 networks.


  • USB / RS-485 converter module
  • 3 signalling LEDs
  • Galvanic isolation between USB interface and RS-485 lines
  • Compatible with USB 3.0 standard
  • DIN rail mounting adaptor

To download the latest datasheet click here: SRS U4

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