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SRS-2/4-Z45 Converter Module RS-232/ RS-485 with Signalling LEDs

Introducing the SRS-2/4-Z45 Converter Module: Seamless RS-232 to RS-485 Connectivity. Boost your connectivity with the SRS-2/4-Z45 converter module, linking RS-232 MASTER devices to RS-485 bus effortlessly. Enable your PC or MASTER device with dedicated software for MASTER functions—benefit from full galvanic isolation between RS-232 and RS-485 circuits, exclusively in the SRS-2/4-Z45 unit. Remember, only one SRS-2/4-Z45 type device can be on the RS-485 line. Ideal for connecting PC host computers to RS-485 industrial data acquisition and visualisation systems, especially SIMEX devices. Elevate your connectivity today!

SRS 2/4-Z45 Converter Module Product Parameters

  • Electrical Connections: USB connector (9 PIN Canon RS-232), 1.3m cable
  • Special Features: Baud rate options, operating temperature range, galvanic separation.


Product Highlights

The SRS2/4Z45 converter module facilitates the connection between RS-232 MASTER devices and an RS-485 bus. It supports devices with both controlled and automatic transmission direction. Any compatible device, including a PC computer with dedicated software, can act as the MASTER. However, connecting multiple MASTER devices to the RS-485 bus is not allowed. Offering complete galvanic isolation between RS-232 and RS-485 circuits, the SRS2/4Z45 ensures safety and performance. Only one unit of the SRS2/4Z45 type can be connected to the RS-485 line. It is compatible with various devices equipped with an RS-485 interface, particularly those from SIMEX. The primary purpose of this converter is to establish a link between a PC host computer and industrial data acquisition and visualisation systems that rely on RS-485. In summary, the SRS2/4Z45 converter module provides a reliable and secure solution for integrating RS-232 MASTER devices with an RS-485 bus. Its galvanic isolation and compatibility make it ideal for connecting a PC host computer to industrial data acquisition and visualisation systems based on RS-485.


  • Converter module RS-232 / RS-485
  • 4 signalling LEDs
  • Galvanic isolation between RS-232 and RS-485 lines
  • Transmission rate control using RTS signal
  • Power supply voltage connection signalling
  • Programming mode signalling
  • RS-485 transmitter activation signalling
  • Operation set-up signalling
  • Transmit and receive signalling

To download the latest datasheet click here: SRS 2/4-Z45

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