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SIN-8 Binary Inputs Module with LEDs for Module Operation

Introducing SIN-8, an advanced RS-485 Binary Voltage Input Monitoring Module designed for efficient device monitoring and control. Ideal for distributed systems, SIN-8 features 8 binary voltage inputs, easy integration with visualisation software, and standard Modbus protocol support. Its internal digital filter, customisable for specific needs, accurately eliminates signal noise, ensuring precise readings. Conveniently pre-disabled, SIN-8 is ready to use immediately, enhancing your system’s efficiency and accuracy. Upgrade to SIN-8 for superior monitoring capabilities.

SIN 8 Binary Voltage Input Product Parameters

  • Output Signal: 8 independent voltage inputs, low/high state levels.
  • Electrical Connections: RS-485 interface, 1200 – 115200 bit/s, Modbus RTU.
  • Media Compatibility: Galvanically isolated inputs from power supply and RS-485.
  • Special Features: IP 20 protection, non-volatile EEPROM memory, operates on 35 mm strip.

Product Highlights

The SIN8 module is designed to efficiently monitor eight binary voltage inputs through the RS-485 connection. Its primary application lies in distributed control and visualisation systems. The device leverages the standard Modbus protocol transmission functions to provide access to device registers, including address, input state, and device ID. With the SIN-8, all operational features can be accessed and utilised via the RS-485 connection, enabling seamless integration with various visualisation software or compatible MultiCon controllers. To ensure accurate data representation, the module employs an internal digital filter implemented in the firmware. This filter effectively eliminates signal oscillations caused by contacts bouncing in mechanical sensors. It’s important to note that the filter comes with its default setting turned off, allowing users to activate it based on their specific requirements. The SIN8 module combines reliability, flexibility, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for monitoring multiple binary voltage inputs in diverse control systems.


  • Binary inputs module
  • 8 independent voltage inputs
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Galvanic separation of the digital inputs from the module supply voltages
  • Internal digital filter
  • Signalling of inputs logic status and RS-485
  • LEDs for module operation and Modbus transmission signalling
  • Input signals connected by means of the socket-plug connectors

To download the latest datasheet click here: SIN 8

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