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SZP-73 Regulated Current Source in a Small Case

Introducing the Regulated Current Source SZP-73, a versatile device allowing you to generate a user-settable current within 4 to 20 mA range. Easily adjust the output current with the intuitive local keyboard and view the present value on the clear display within a customisable range of -999 to 9999 with a selectable decimal point. Seamlessly control industrial processes with quick access to current regulation at any time. This state-of-the-art device replaces all two-wire analogue current sources (4 to 20 mA) used for industrial process control. Equipped with a 24V DC / 100 mA output, it supplies measuring transducers, while the RS-485 port enables efficient data transmission in production process monitoring systems. Configure the meter effortlessly with the local keyboard or free S-Config software via RS-485. Upgrade your industrial processes with the reliable and feature-rich SZP-73 Regulated Current Source.

Product Highlights

The SZP73 is a regulated current source that provides users with the ability to generate a customisable current within the range of 4-20 mA. This versatile device allows for easy adjustment of the output current through its local keyboard, enabling both increasing and decreasing values. The SZP73 conveniently displays the current output value, which is recalculated based on the set display range of -999 to 9999, allowing for a selectable decimal point. With its quick view and regulation capabilities, users can efficiently monitor and control the output current as needed. This device is a suitable replacement for all two-wire analogue current sources (4-20 mA) typically employed in industrial process control. Additionally, the SZP73 features a 24V DC / 100 mA output designed for supplying measuring transducers and an RS-485 port that facilitates data transmission in production process monitoring systems. Configuration of the meter can be done locally using the keyboard or through the RS-485 communication port using the free S-Config software.


  • Regulated current source in a small case
  • Two-coloured LED display (4-digits, IP 40)
  • Passive output 4-20 mA with galvanic separation
  • Power supply output: 24V DC
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Changing the current values by “”^”” and “”v”” keys
  • Free configuration software S-Config

To download the latest datasheet click here: SZP 73

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