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SWI-94 Weight Meter to Work with Load Cells in Weighing and Force Measurement Systems

Introducing the SWI-94 Weight Meter, a revolutionary solution to streamline your industrial operations. Designed for simple industrial applications, it excels in load cell operations with hassle-free implementation, requiring no legal metrology approval. The user-friendly design features pushbuttons for tare weight setting, zero setting for an empty balance, and a clear display of gross and net weight values on a 6-digit LED screen. Control is unparalleled with REL/OC outputs that adjust the measured signal level based on your desired threshold values. Calibration is made easy with advanced software offering two methods: data sheet calibration or dead weight calibration. Customise the meter with analogue outputs to match your specific needs. Configure effortlessly with the local keyboard or RS-485 communication port. Elevate your industrial processes with the SWI-94 Weight Meter and experience unparalleled efficiency.

Product Highlights

The SWI94 weight meter is an ideal solution for simple industrial applications that do not require legal metrology approval and involve the use of load cells or strain gages. It features user-friendly operating pushbuttons that facilitate tare weight setting, zero setting for an empty balance, and the display of both gross and net weight values. The measured mass is clearly presented on a 6-digit LED display for easy readability. The meter offers REL/OC control outputs, enabling precise adjustment of the measured signal level based on one or two threshold values. It also boasts versatile calibration capabilities, allowing users to choose between data sheet calibration or dead weight calibration methods. For added flexibility, the meter can be equipped with analogue outputs tailored to the customer’s needs, such as active current output, passive isolated current output, or active voltage output. Configuration can be effortlessly performed using the local keyboard or through the RS-485 communication port, ensuring seamless integration into various setups.


  • Weight meter to work with load cells in weighing and force measurement systems
  • Inputs: tensometer load cells 4-wire or 6-wire, 1 x digital
  • Outputs: 2 x digital (REL or OC), 1 x analogue (active or passive)
  • Data sheet or dead weight calibration
  • High protection class IP 65 (front side)
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Signal peak value detection

To download the latest datasheet click here: SWI 94

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