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SLIK-N118 Multi-Purpose Counter in Wall Mounted IP 67 Case

Introducing the SLIK-N118 Universal Programmable Counter: Your Reliable Counting Solution. Designed to meet your diverse counting needs, the SLIK-N118 universal, programmable counters offer exceptional functionality. Encased in a robust, wall-mounted housing (IP 67), these counters ensure durability and protection. Equipped with two independent counting inputs, the SLIK-N118 supports various configurations such as pulse or quadrature. Furthermore, an additional programmable input allows for the customisation of counting inputs. You can effortlessly modify functions like pulse addition or subtraction, direction change, and even hold counting without clearing. The SLIK-N118 counter boasts an independent reset input for added convenience. With the REL/OC outputs featuring programmable thresholds, you can easily control external equipment to streamline your operations. Configuration is a breeze too, with options for remote control or utilising the free S-Config software via the RS-485 communication port. Upgrade your counting experience with the SLIK-N118 Universal Programmable Counter today!

Product Highlights

The SLIKN118 counter is a versatile and reliable solution for various counting applications. Housed in a robust wall-mounted enclosure with an IP67 rating, this universal counter offers exceptional protection against environmental factors. It is equipped with two independent counting inputs that can be configured to operate in pulse or quadrature mode, providing flexibility for different counting requirements. With an additional programmable input, the SLIKN118 counter allows users to modify the basic functions of the counting inputs, such as adding or subtracting pulses and changing the counting direction. Moreover, it offers an independent reset input for convenient resetting of counts. The counter also features REL/OC outputs with programmable thresholds, enabling seamless control of external equipment. Configuration of the counter can be conveniently performed without the need to open the case, using either the remote controller or the user-friendly S-Config software via the RS-485 communication port.


  • Multi-purpose counter in wall mounted IP 67 case
  • Batching function
  • 2 pulse counting inputs + 1 programmable function input
  • 1 counter reset input
  • 0 or 2 REL / OC outputs
  • Digital debouncing filter
  • 4 counter reset sources (manual, ext, auto, modbus)
  • Free configuration software S-Config

To download the latest datasheet click here: SLIK N118

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