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SLC-94 Timer and Totaliser with OC Outputs

Introducing SLC-94, a precision time measurement counter ideal for tracking time intervals and machine operation times. With easy connection to control devices and a user-friendly interface, it measures time between {START} and {STOP} signals and tracks activity times. Features include a broad measuring range, two relay outputs, and easy configuration via a local keyboard or S-Config software. SLC-94 combines precision with ease of use for various time-dependent applications.

SLC 94 Timer and Totaliser Product Parameters

  • Output Signal: LED, 6 x 13 mm, red, 8-step adjustable brightness.
  • Accuracy: Time resolution of 1 ms, min. input signal gap 500 µs.
  • Electrical Connections: RS-485, 1200 bit/s to 115200 bit/s, Modbus RTU.
  • Media Compatibility: Isolated pulse inputs for START, STOP, RESET.
  • Special Features: IP 65 front protection, EEPROM memory, panel mounting.


Product Highlights

The SLC94 Counter is specifically designed for precise time measurements, making it ideal for determining the duration of time intervals and measuring a machine’s operating time. To initiate measurements, signals from control devices’ push-buttons or contactors are connected to the counter’s terminals located on the backside. Through proper programming, the counter can accurately measure the time period between {START} and {STOP} signals. Alternatively, it can also measure the activity time of the {START} signal. The counter offers flexibility in control and operation, as it can be started, stopped, and cleared either through the local keyboard located on the front of the device or via the RS-485 interface. Furthermore, the counter features a totaliser function, enabling simultaneous triggering and stopping of both counters. It supports time counting in the range of 0 ms to 999 99.9 hours, while the built-in relay outputs make it suitable for controlling various time-dependent processes. Configuration options are available through the local keyboard or the S-Config software, which can be accessed via the RS-485 communication port.


  • Timer and totaliser
  • START/STOP pulse inputs
  • 2 reset sources: manual or electronic
  • 0 or 2 REL / OC outputs
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Wide range of precision and presentation formats
  • ACCESS option – easy threshold modification
  • Free configuration software S-Config

To download the latest datasheet click here: SLC 94

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