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DMP 334 i Precision-Pressure Transmitter for High Pressure

Meet the DMP 334 i Precision Pressure Transmitter, an advanced version of the acclaimed DMP 334. This model features a state-of-the-art thin-film sensor, meticulously welded to the pressure port for superior accuracy. It comes with integrated digital electronics that actively correct sensor-specific issues like non-linearity and thermal error. This enhancement makes the DMP 334 i a top-tier pressure transmitter, offering exceptional metrological performance and precision. Rely on the DMP 334 i for your industrial pressure measurements and enjoy its reliable, high-quality capabilities.

DMP 334 i Pressure Transmitter Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: From 0 … 600 bar to 0 … 2200 bar.
  • Output Signal: Analogue 2-wire: 4 … 20 mA; additional options available.
  • Accuracy: Features excellent accuracy, robustness, and long-term stability.
  • Electrical Connections: Various types, including customizable options.
  • Process Connections: Pressure port options M20x1.5 or 9/16 UNF.
  • Media Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of applications with a welded sensor.
  • Special Features: Turn-down ratio 1:10; communication interface for adjustments; diverse electrical connection choices.

Product Highlights

The DMP334i Pressure Transmitter is a reliable and versatile instrument designed to accurately measure pressure in a wide range of applications. With a nominal pressure range from 0 … 600 bar up to 0 … 2200 bar, it offers excellent flexibility to suit various industrial needs. The transmitter features a 2-wire analogue output of 4 … 20 mA, and additional output options can be requested as per specific requirements. One of the notable characteristics of the DMP334i is its welded pressure sensor, ensuring durability and preventing leakage. It also offers an impressive turn-down ratio of 1:10, allowing precise measurements across a wide range of pressures. With its exceptional accuracy, this pressure transmitter provides reliable and consistent results. Moreover, it is designed to be robust and long-term stable, making it suitable for demanding industrial environments. The DMP334i also offers optional versions with a communication interface, enabling adjustments for offset, span, and damping. Additionally, users can choose between different pressure port options such as M20x1.5 or 9/16 UNF, as well as various electrical connections to meet their specific installation requirements.


  • Plant and machine engineering
  • Test benches
  • Commercial vehicles and mobile hydraulics

To download the latest datasheet click here: DMP 334 i

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