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SLS-LC Submersible level transmitter – Ceramic Sensor

Introducing the SLS-LC Series of Submersible Level Sensors, a remarkable innovation in level measurement technology. These sensors are engineered with an advanced Ceramic (96% Aluminium Oxide Al2O3) piezo-resistive sensing element, skilfully encased in a sturdy stainless steel housing to ensure durability and resilience.

SLC-LC Submersible Level Sensor Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: 3.5 to 100 mWG, gauge, sealed gauge, or absolute.
  • Output Signal: Multiple versions including mV/V, 4-20mA, and 0-5/0-10V.
  • Accuracy: Up to ≤±0.25% FS, depending on range.
  • Electrical Connections: Supply voltage varies by output version.
  • Process Connections: G¼” DIN3852 male, with protective self-flushing cone.
  • Media Compatibility: Compatible with all fluids that match wetted parts materials.
  • Special Features: IP68 rated, long-term stability ≤±0.10% FS, rapid response time.

Submersible Level Transmitter Robust Construction

Equipped with Stork Solutions’ exclusive cable gland, rigorously developed and pressure tested to withstand up to 10 bar / 100m of permanent submersion, the SLS-LC Series ensures exceptional reliability. This robust construction makes these sensors a cost-effective choice for a wide array of applications.

Versatile Output Options

The SLS-LC Series is available with raw millivolt output, making it an ideal solution for low power battery applications. Alternatively, an internal microprocessor can be fitted to provide amplified output options, including 4-20mA, 0-10V, or 0.5 to 4.5V ratiometric. This flexibility allows you to select the output that best fits your specific needs.

Superior Performance

The onboard 16-bit microprocessor empowers the SLS-LC Series with enhanced features such as high-level linearisation, temperature compensation, and precise calibration. This intricate engineering guarantees unmatched accuracy, stability, and repeatability in every measurement.

SLS-LC Submersible level transmitter Applications

  • Environmental monitoring
  • V-notch weir flow measurement
  • Rivers, reservoirs and boreholes
  • Tank, IBC, Tote level measurement
  • Telemetry and data logging
  • Flood defence monitoring and research
  • Academic research
To download the latest datasheet for the SLS-LC Series of Submersible Level Sensors click here: SLS-LC

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