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SOC-8 Binary Outputs Module with LEDs for Module Operation and Modbus Transmission Signalling

Introducing the SOC-8 Binary Outputs Module: the ultimate solution for efficient control of low-power output devices. With its seamless RS-485 connection, this module is a game-changer for distributed control and visualisation systems. Engineered to perfection, it empowers you to directly command contactors, relays, light bulbs, and other DC loads using a 24V control voltage and a maximum current of 0.5A. Safety is our priority, which is why all outputs feature galvanic separation, ensuring secure operation of the master system, shielding it from potential damage caused by hazardous overvoltage. Upgrade your control setup today with SOC-8!

SOC 8 Binary Outputs Module Product Parameters

  • Output Signal: 8 independent OC outputs, variable output current.
  • Electrical Connections: RS-485, 1200 – 115200 bit/s, Modbus RTU.
  • Media Compatibility: Outputs galvanically isolated from power supply and RS-485.
  • Special Features: IP 20 protection, non-volatile EEPROM memory, mounts on 35 mm strip.

Product Highlights

The SOC8 binary outputs module is a versatile component utilised for the control of low-power output devices through the RS-485 connection. It plays a significant role in distributed control and visualisation systems, enabling direct control over various devices such as contactors, relays, light bulbs, and other DC loads operating at a 24V control voltage and a maximum current of 0.5A. The module’s galvanic separation feature ensures the safe operation of the master system, protecting against potential damage caused by dangerous overvoltages. Through the RS-485 interface, all SOC8 operating functions can be easily accessed and implemented using typical visualisation software or compatible controllers like the MultiCon controller. This module offers a reliable solution for integrating and managing multiple low-power output devices, enhancing control and monitoring capabilities in diverse applications.


  • Binary outputs module
  • 8 independent OC outputs
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Galvanic separation of the outputs from the module supply voltages
  • Signalling of output state
  • LEDs for module operation and Modbus transmission signalling
  • Output lines connected by means of the socket-plug connectors

To download the latest datasheet click here: SOC 8

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