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SWE-73-S Low-Cost Meter in a Small Case

Meet the SWE-73-S: A Cost-Effective, Multi-Functional Digital Panel Indicator. It operates in both SLAVE and MASTER modes, displaying user-defined numbers and characters from a master device via RS-485, or gathering data from other devices. Customise visibility with 8 brightness levels and simplify your setup in production monitoring systems. This compact indicator can be easily mounted and configured via IR remote or free S-Config software through RS-485. It’s also programmable to meet specific needs. Enhance your displays with the versatile SWE-73-S.

SWE 73 S Digital Meter Product Parameters

  • Output Signal: LED display, red, 4 x 13 mm, adjustable brightness
  • Electrical Connections: Separate power options for AC and DC, low consumption
  • Media Compatibility: IP 65 front, optional IP 65 frame for panel sealing
  • Special Features: RS-485 Modbus RTU, versatile temperature range, compact design

Product Highlights

The SWE73S is a cost-effective digital panel indicator designed to display user-defined numerical values and characters in SLAVE mode, receiving data from a master device through the RS-485 serial interface link. Alternatively, it can collect data from other devices in MASTER mode. The indicator offers adjustable brightness in 8 steps, allowing optimal visibility in various lighting conditions. With its RS-485 interface, the SWE73S facilitates the creation of measurement networks in production process monitoring systems and serves as a programmable digital converter for input signals in computer systems. Its compact dimensions enable easy installation, making it a convenient choice. Configuration of the meter can be conveniently done using either an IR remote controller or the free S-Config software via the RS-485 communication port. Furthermore, the device can be customised according to specific customer requirements, providing added flexibility and versatility.


  • Low-cost meter in a small case
  • No analog input
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Brightness adjustable in 8 steps
  • All parameters are freely programmable with remote controller
  • Free configuration software S-Config

To download the latest datasheet click here: SWE 73 S

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