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SLIK-94 Universal Counter with Batching Function with Prescaler and Digital Filter

Meet the SLIK-94 Universal Programmable Counter, a versatile tool for automatic control systems with two pulse inputs and customisable counting functions. It features an RS-485 interface for network integration, an independent clearing input, and options for relay or OC type outputs. Easily configured via local keyboard or S-Config software, the SLIK-94 streamlines complex control tasks.

SLIK 94 Universal Counter Product Parameters

  • Output Signal: LED display, 6 x 13 mm, red or optionally green, adjustable brightness.
  • Electrical Connections: RS-485, 1200 – 115200 bit/s, Modbus RTU.
  • Media Compatibility: Galvanically isolated pulse inputs; counting up-down/up, quadrature, programmable function.
  • Special Features: IP 65 front protection, non-volatile EEPROM memory, panel mounting.

Product Highlights

The SLIK94 Universal Counter is a versatile and programmable device that caters to the needs of both simple and advanced automatic control systems. With its array of modern features, this counter offers exceptional functionality. It boasts two pulse inputs that can be configured in various modes, functioning either as independent inputs or a single quadrature input. An additional programmable input allows for the alteration of counting input functions, such as pulse addition or subtraction, directional changes, or even the option to halt counting without clearing. With its built-in RS-485 communication interface, the SLIK94 enables seamless control of all settings through a host system and facilitates integration into advanced network systems. Furthermore, this counter is equipped with an independent clearing input and the possibility of incorporating a relay or OC-type output with an independent threshold for controlling external devices. Configuring the counter is a breeze, thanks to the option of using the local keyboard or the user-friendly S-Config software via the RS-485 communication port.


  • Universal counter with batching function 2 pulse counting inputs
  • 1 programmable function input
  • 4 counter reset sources
  • 0, 2 or 4 REL / OC outputs
  • Prescaler and digital filter
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Free configuration software S-Config

To download the latest datasheet click here: SLIK 94

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