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Submersible Level Transmitters: Environmental Monitoring

LMK382H Stainless Steel Probe with HART Communication

Submersible level transmitters are primarily used for monitoring the levels of liquids, especially in environments that require precise measurement and monitoring. Here’s an expansion on environmental monitoring and the types of output signals, both analogue and digital. Environmental Monitoring In environmental monitoring, submersible level transmitters are crucial for tracking water levels in various natural and […]

ECHO-IoT Gateway, superior sensor data

ECHO-IoT Remote monitoring gateway

Introducing the IoT Gateway: Revolutionizing Sensor Monitoring with Cellular Connectivity In today’s interconnected world, staying connected to your sensor data is more important than ever. We are proud to introduce the IoT Gateway, a cutting-edge device that enables you to monitor virtually any sensor from anywhere, all through a reliable cellular connection. With its advanced […]

Pressure Calibration Hand Pumps: A Solution for Testing Pressure Relief Valves


Pressure relief valves are an essential component of many industrial systems and are responsible for ensuring that the pressure within these systems remains within safe limits. To ensure that pressure relief valves are functioning correctly, they must be regularly tested, and this is where pressure calibration hand pumps come in. In this blog post, we’ll […]

Data Loggers with Pressure Sensors: The Future of Data Collection

Data Loggers

Data loggers, incorporating pressure sensors Data loggers are essential tools for measuring, storing and analyzing data in various industries and applications. They have revolutionized the way data is collected and processed, making it possible to monitor various parameters in real-time. One of the most crucial parameters in many applications is pressure, which is why data […]

Pressure Sensors Applications & Usage

Ceramic piezo-resistive pressure sensor showing ME910, ME501 and ME509

Pressure sensors are devices used to measure the pressure of a fluid or gas. These sensors can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial, automotive, and medical settings. The usefulness of pressure sensors lies in their ability to provide accurate and reliable data, which can be used to make informed decisions, improve processes, […]

British Manufactured Titan Series of Pressure Transmitters

PVDF version of the TPTa pressure transmitter for aggressive chemicals

As the name suggests, the Titan range of pressure transmitters stands out from similar products because it can provide higher accuracy, reliability, and stability by combining the latest High-End 24-Bit Sensor Signal Conditioner with Analog and Digital Output in a single package. This type of signal conditioning allows us to characterise the sensor in terms […]

UPS-HSR, USB Pressure Sensor

UPS-HSR Pressure data logger with USB interface

The UPS-HSR (High Sample Rate) pressure data logger has been designed and developed for ease of use, reliable data logging and real-time monitoring to cover the majority of applications where a simple interface to a computer is required. Without the fuss of complicated interfaces, converters, external power supplies and USB driver issues, the UPS-HSR interface […]