XSYS-0013 Vented Junction Box

Designed for outdoor use with an IP67 rating, the XSYS-0013 Vented junction box is used to easily connect cables and allow the sensors to breathe into the atmosphere, and prevent the build-up of moisture from occurring. This means that you can reduce the amount of 'vented' submersible cable required which can be expensive and then use standard, lower cost, industrial cable for the rest of the installation.

It has 2 x PG9 cable glands and when used with submersible level transmitters such as the SLS-D, SDI-12 Submersible level transmitter, the vent tube from the sensor can easily be terminated into the junction box and allows the sensor to breathe to the atmosphere with peace of mind that moisture will not be drawn into the cables vent tube.

The XSYS-0013 is made from ABS and has a fast closure system to secure the lid and internally has AKZ-4 DIN rail terminals so you can quickly and easily connect the sensor cables to your extension cables with the screw connections. This is particularly useful when you want to use a lower-cost cable for the longer cable runs and minimise the cost of the higher price vented submersible cable.

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