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SWE-73-L Economic current loop indicator

SWE-73-L is a simple and low cost digital indicator with a single 4-20 mA current input, which powers this device at the same time. Measurement input is equipped with safety circuits, saving internal electronics against overload. Device has possibilities of recalculating measured current according to few predefined transfer functions (linear, square, square root) or fully definable user characteristic (max. 20 points). Result is displayed on 4-digit red LED display, the range of the result is: -999 to 9999, with definable decimal point position. The device can be equipped with optional SPDT relay. Due to users safety requirementsthis output can drive a bulb lamp as well as sound signaling device but must not be used for controlling purposes. Configuration of the device can be done using IR remote controller (when input current is higher than 10 mA, what is signalised by additional LED).


  • low-cost loop-powered meter in a small case
  • measurement input 4-20 mA
  • optional alarm output available
  • signal peak value detection
  • all parameters are freely programmable from the remote control

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